PCU Donates Wellbeing Bench to West Bromwich Police Station

We are delighted to have donated a wellbeing bench to officers and staff to support colleagues’ mental health.

The bench, situated in the grounds of West Bromwich police station was unveiled at the Sandwell Wellbeing Day, on Tuesday 17 July.

A joint donation by Police Credit Union and Sandwell Sports and Social Club, the bench will give colleagues somewhere to go, to get away from the office for a few minutes in a bid to support their mental wellbeing.

Lillie Abbott, a Vulnerability and Referral Officer from Sandwell Partnerships, explains: “The idea was raised by a response officer on Sandwell, they suggested that while other stations may have the ability to get away from the office it can be difficult here as the town is a ten minute walk away.

“The bench is a fitting tribute to all those that have served and sacrificed. Colleagues’ welfare is at the top of the agenda in Sandwell and we worked with Police Credit Union and Sandwell Sports and Social Club to purchase the bench. This gives our officers and staff somewhere to get away from their screens and away from their roles even if for only a short amount of time. Being able to sit out to chat with a friend or colleague can make all the difference to a person’s mental wellbeing.  Sometimes just speaking to someone is all it takes to make someone feel better.”